art (9)The Gallery, Art for Saginaw's mission is to serve the community of Saginaw by providing a spacious downtown venue in the historic Bancroft building for talented Michigan artists to display and sell their art. The net proceeds from the sale of art at the gallery will be dispersed to the Saginaw Art Museum to benefit the youth of Saginaw through education, awareness, appreciation and other programs developed by the museum. By promoting a love and knowledge of art to todays youth we believe this generation and future generations will appreciate the importance of art in society and preserve art for future generations.



The Gallery is located in the heart of Saginaw’s downtown entertainment district in the Historic Bancroft building on the corner of Washington and Genesee. The vision for the Gallery started with Lisa Comer’s realization after a long and successful career in the property management business that it was time to give back to the special community of Saginaw and especially its youth.

In our present day society a great deal of emphasis in our schools has been placed on test scores and other pursuits. Art unfortunately no longer takes on the significance it did in earlier generations. By providing a spacious venue for Michigan artist to display and sell their art with the proceeds benefiting the youth of Saginaw through programs developed by the Saginaw Art Museum we believe art appreciation will increase.

Downtown Saginaw has recently experienced a tremendous revitalization. The Gallery joins existing attractions in the entertainment district including:  The Dow Event Center, Temple Theatre, First Merit Pavilion, and the Bancroft Wine & Martini Bar along with future projects such as Delta College and the Farmers Market. We decided that downtown Saginaw was the logical choice for a new art gallery and the historic Bancroft was the perfect space.